Client Testimonials


Callie was so sweet & very explanatory. I just LOVED everything about the treatment she gave me. I can't wait to come back!

September 16, 2016


Callie was informative, professional and friendly. I received the Red Carpet Microderm Facial and immediately felt the positive result. It's a clinical facial but I felt relaxed. I would go here without a Groupon.

August 12, 2016


Great experience. Very relaxing and friendly environment.

August 12, 2016


This was the best facial I have ever had. I can't wait to go back.

June 27, 2016


Such a wonderful way to start my day! Very relaxing! This was my first experience with this level of professional skin care, and it was great!

June 08, 2016


Best facial!

May 05, 2016


Callie was extremely patient and talked me through the entire process! My skin feels amazing!

April 26, 2016


Great facial, will definately be back.

April 22, 2016


Callie was very knowledgable and professional. She explained all that she was doing. I am very happy with my results and will return for sure.

March 30, 2016


Wonderful micro/facial treatment, looking forward to the results!

March 25, 2016


My face feels and looks so soft and glowing. I will pay full price to have Callie's treatment. I felt so pampered during the treatment, I actually dozed off.

March 22, 2016


After many years I felt my face had some real treatment. I could see result right after first treatment and looking forward to my next appointment. I am super positive my skin is gonna be how I want it to be. The procedure was extremely thorough and am super happy to find the place.

March 09, 2016


Went yesterday for the first time for a microdermabrasion and chemical peel. Callie is very knowledgeable and pleasant! I have already booked my next appointment!

March 09, 2016


Very thorough, friendly, informative, and my skin looks amazing! Will definitely be back!

February 05, 2016


Wonderful, very professional, explained exactly what she was doing, gental but thorough. I've made another appointment for my next treatment.

February 03, 2016


Callie was awesome. She didn't try and upsell me and I did see a difference. I will be going back. :)

January 30, 2016


Best groupon purchase ever! Callie really knows her stuff.

January 27, 2016


Great experience!

January 26, 2016


Calle did an amazing job. My skin feels incredible. Will definitely be back.

January 20, 2016


Loved the treatment and Callie.

January 06, 2016


informative. personable.

January 06, 2016


Nice, cozy atmosphere good service

December 05, 2015


Great experience

October 04, 2015


It was great, and my daughter was so happy after the treatment. Callie is so nice and takes all the time to explain all the procedure, and what you need to do to take care of your skin, we will be back for sure !!

October 04, 2015

The experience was very good and will go back

September 02, 2015


The attention was great! I had the red carpet facial and I'm so in love with the results! My skin is so glowy and smooth!!

August 31, 2015


Very good service!!!

August 31, 2015


Super-nice office in lovely building. Great facial!

August 28, 2015


The whole experience was great! The location was easy to find with ample parking. The clinic was clean. Callie was professional and knows her craft. I met her for the first time and I felt at ease. I'm a satisfied customer.

July 21, 2015


Great experience very knowledgable

July 20, 2015


Very compassionate, caring and knowledgable aesthetician. Highly recommend!

April 04, 2015



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                                           for Divine Skin Aesthetics 

 Nina C.

San Ramon, CA

5.0 star rating

Just had a great Microdermabrasion from Callie. I found her on Groupon and so glad I did!

This was my first time to see an esthetician. I was a little nervous. When I met Callie, she is very friendly and made me feel I am very welcome. I am Chinese. I didn't know if Microdermabrasion would work for my skin. Callie did an excellent job on me, and it actually felt really good. She explains everything before, during, and throughout the process. In the way she made me feel comfortable every moment there. I received the best deep facial rejuvenation EVER.

Callie will work with your particular needs. She offers a full line of facial treatment. I will definitely be booking again with her. Callie is an amazing esthetician. She will make your skin look fabulous. I highly recommend her. Thank you, Callie for helping me look good!


 Dana C.

El Sobrante, CA

 5.0 star rating


Callie is so gentle, patient, and goes the extra mile to achieve your skincare needs. Highly recommend.



5.0 star rating
S. P.
S. P.
Hayward, CA

Finding Divine Skin Aesthetics via a Groupon Deal was truly "divine intervention." Suddenly two years ago, my blemish-free skin changed. I started experiencing extreme cystic acne and hyper-pigmentation, leaving my face in disarray. Then came Callie's Divine Skin Aesthetics. I return every month because of her amiable personality, professionalism, extensive skin treatment knowledge, state-of-the-art equipment, and quality skin care products. My skin is making wonderful improvements.


Lisa M.
Danville, CA

 5.0 star rating

1 check-in
Callie is amazing and Knowledgable about skin care. I received a glowing Microdermabrasion! I found her through Groupon and I look forward to returning. Nice clean environment.


Krystal S.
Danville, CA

5.0 star rating
I got a the Red Carpet Facial! I'm in love with the results! My skins looks so glowy, smooth and healthy! Callie is very knowledgeable about the treatments and explains everything to you! I will definitely go back!



Melenie H.
Fremont, CA

 5.0 star rating

Loved the microdermabrasion facial i had today by Callie! Clean office, proffesional and friendly service, i would definitely recommend and plan on returning. Callie also does a fantastic job educating you on how to reverse/prevent skin damage.


Samantha K.
Sacramento, CA


5.0 star rating
Could not say more good things about my experience! Callie was great and very flexible with me getting lost and being a little late for my appointment. She is very knowledgable about skincare and the products that she uses. She was also very friendly and made me feel very comfortable right away. Already booked my next appointment :)


Tina I.
Denver, CO


5.0 star rating


Callie is amazing!!! Not only is she extremely professional she has made my skin beautiful. She has tough me by using good professional products that it makes a difference it your skin and the texture of your skin.I highly recommend here you will love here and her services. Just in one treatment getting a peel,microderm and the oxygen treatment made my skin glow and look amazing. I'm so glad I found her.


Divine Decor D.
Danville, CA

5.0 star rating
First time I have ever done something like this. I did microdermabrasion. Calli taught me so much about skin and skin care. Very relaxing my skin looked a lot better but will be going back because of all the sun damage to my skin.

"Very compassionate, caring and knowledgable aesthetician.  Highly Recommend!"

"First time I have ever done something like this.  I did microdermabrasion.  Calli taught me so much about skin and skin care.  Very relaxing my skin looked better but will be going back because of all the sun damage to my skin"

"Your amazing!  I can't wait to see you again. You always make my skin look beautiful! Thank you."

"Callie is amazing!!! Not only is she extremely professional she has made my skin beautiful.  She has taught me by using good professional products that makes a difference in your skin and the texture of your skin.  I highly recommend her you will love her and her services.  Just in one treatment getting a peel-microderm and the oxygen treatment made my skin glow and look amazing.  I'm so glad I found her."

"Callie is an amazing clinical skin care professional/paramedical esthetician. I have now received two facials from her during my pregnancy called the Mama-to-be-Facial.  It was an exquisite and pampering experience.  She used all products that were safe for pregnant women like green tea, thyme and oregano.

On my first time, she performed a microdermabrasion on me using a DiamondTome wand.  My skin felt soft afterwards and made the extraction process nearly painless.  I like that she explains what she is doing prior to each step in the facial treament process and why.  I have learned so much about my skin care from getting treatments from her and look forward to stepping my treatment process up a few notches once the baby is out."

M. Busley


"Dear Callie,
As a health consultant, I'm on camera and in front of audiences a lot. When I saw myself on video years ago, I noticed how aged and sun damaged my skin was from years of summer jet skiing. There were so many spots, freckles and wrinkles, it was alarming! I kind of looked tired also! I was so lucky and blessed to have met you as now with ongoing skin treatments, peels and vitamin therapies, my skin is looking years younger, smoother, less spotted and my fine lines and wrinkles have dramatically reduced. Being that I'm already 46, I'm getting compliments saying I look mid 30's! It's refreshing and pleasant to hear such comments and I only have you Callie to thank for this! Here is an untouched photo of me at age 46 taken just a few days ago!"

-Jim Manalisay, Danville, Ca.
Co-Founder of A.C.T.


Tracy Bolsinger, LE from Denver, Co.  Skin and Wellness Practioner

"Callie is absolutely the best for all skin care needs. I am a licensed aesthetician myself and trust my face and skin to her! She is fabulous with the derma-planing! Great knowledge and expertise!"

Eiswoman, Denver, Co. says:

"Divine Skin Aesthetics skin care by Callie- she's the best – I have been to Callie Collins for a series of three Diamondtome microdermabrasion treatments. She is very professinoal, does an amazing job, and is a really nice woman to boot. The prices are very reasonable as well!!"

Tamara2005  Denver, Co says:

"Callie Collins-Best Medical Aesthetician in Denver – I have been seeing Callie for my skin treatments for the past year. I have seen drastic improvements of my skins condition and enjoyed all the compliments that I receive from my friends and colleagues. My treatments include a series of microdermabrasion and dermaplaning. Subsequently, I received chemical peel treatment that is called "Baby Boomer Peel", which gave me dramatic results and my skin looks fabulous!!! Now, I am receiving monthly maintenance to keep my skin looking its best. Callie gives the best customer service that I consider great value to skin care profession. She is professional and possess great knowledge of the treatments she provides to her clients. She takes time to explain each treatment to me each time and educates me how to protect my skin before and after each treatment. The price is phenomenally reasonable and I am happy that my friend referred me to her. I feel that I am in good hands with each treatment!"






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