Clinical Designer Peels


Designer Skin Peels 


Exfoliation is the fastest route to radiant skin. Exfoliation reveals a more uniform skin surface that reflects light evenly. Over time, the accumulated effects of sun exposure, pollutants and acne can damage the skin and cause us to look older. Such skin damage can be treated with a chemical peel. Divine Skin Aesthetics provides free consultations and skin analysis to determine the right peel for your skin. It’s your opportunity to learn more about caring for your skin and get a healthier glow!

Chemical Peels by Divine Skin Aesthetics are performed by a professional paramedical Aesthetician. The peel is designed to promote cell growth and collagen production, as well as improve texture for smoother, clearer skin. After your peel, visit Divine Skin Aesthetics once to receive a luxurious post- peel facial to further enhance the benefits and effects of your chemical peel.

Level 2    $150
A Mid-Depth Peel can be effective for stubborn hyper-pigmentation, sun damaged skin and severe acne. After your treatment, the skin will exfoliate for approximately three to four days depending on your skin type. This three or four-part treatment series will help address specific conditions and can be maintained every three to six months thereafter.

Post Kit Required for Purchase.      Expect 3-5 days of flakiness.


Level 3    $175
Deep Peels affect the deepest intra-epidermal layers capable of making significant changes in the skin’s appearance. Following treatment, your skin will feel uncomfortable for a couple of days. The skin usually turns darker in color and exfoliation will be quite heavy for about three days and continue to peel for 7-10 days. These types of treatments are usually done annually.   

Post Kit Required for Purchase.      Expect 3-10 days of peeling.