Complimentary Skin Analysis

The  UV Skin Analyzer
The UV Skin Analyzer (Skin Scanner) shows our patients what their skin really looks like. The Skin Scanner color reveals skin conditions not visible to the naked eye such as sun damage, comedones, dead skin cells, dehydration and pigmentation. We can even detect problem areas before proceeding with other treatment options. It is quick and easy!

The Skin Scanner features both UV Light color photos, as well as natural light color photos, which the aesthetician can view through a patient viewing window.

Why we use the Skin Scanner:

  • To diagnose areas that are potentially problematic before the treatment
  • Before and after microdermabrasion to evaluate and document results
  • To recommend post microdermabrasion treatment

The Skin Scanner is completely interactive, as everything is immediately visible to the client by the internal mirror and to the Aesthetician. Different skin conditions will show up as different colors. For example:

  • Comedones – Fluorescent orange
  • Dead Skin cells – White flecks
  • Dehydration – Fluorescent purple
  • Pigmentation – Brown
  • Sun damage – Burgundy/dark red
 Pacneusporphyrin Infection Sun Damage

More about the Skin Scanner
A deeper understanding of your skin is the foundation for an effective treatment plan. Our Skin Scope uses various light waves to illuminate a variety of the skin’s deeper layers and various imperfections not visible to the naked eye. It gives a very accurate picture of your skin’s condition and is a great tool for troubleshooting facial problems before they arise. In less than a few minutes, you and your aesthetician will be able to simultaneously see areas that need special attention.

You will easily be able to see: pigmentation, dehydration, sensitivity, sun damage, congestion and dead skin cells. We encourage you to experience a skin analysis session as part of our free consultation. It’s a fun way to learn more about maintaining younger looking skin, enhancing your beauty and reducing the appearance of aging.