Consent Forms Before Your Visit

Before you visit us, please take note..

Prior to visiting to our office, you can help expedite your visit by printing the following forms and filling them out in their entirety.  Please hand them to our staff when you come in. 

The most common consent forms to fill out and to help assist us would be the following three consent forms: Client Health History form, Microdermabrasion Consent form, Chemical Peel Consent form.  Thank you.

Client Consent Form
Client Consent - Chemical Peels
Client Consent - Microdermabrasion
Client Consultation
Client Skin Analysis
Client's Regimen For Home Care
Confidential Client Health History
Dermaplaning Information Sheet
Health History LED
Informed Consent LED
Microdermabrasion Information
Parental Consent Form
Post-treatment Chemical Peels
Post-treatment Waxing