Pre and Post CareTreatment

Pre & Post-Op Treatments: Caring for your skin after Cosmetic Surgery or Laser Resurfacing

Post Care for Chemical Peels

Post Care Clean Up $75
For problematic, sensitive, acne skin.  Perfect for post-care follow up treatments. 

Milk Peel/Pineapple Treatment Corrective Facial $80
Ideal one week after most peels, this facial softens and lifts away any skin that has not peeled while strengthening the skin with nutrients for healing and regeneration. 

Calming Milk Corrective Facial with Double Oxygen Infusion $85
Perfect post treatment for traumatized, sensitive skin due to its soothing and nourishing effects. Provides the skin with pure 100% milk protein to deliver necessary nutrients to skin following laser and other types of skin resurfacing.  

Pre-treatment for Fractional Skin Resurfacing  $60
Often performed before a fractional laser treatment, this option can also be used as a  shortened substitute, a Microdermabrasion with a Facial. Please allow us to assess the best time frame for you and your skin condition(s). 30 minutes.

Laser Resurfacing
When Laser resurfacing is performed, the skin is squarely removed one layer at a time with the use of a high energy laser. Vaporizing the skins tissue, this procedure reduces  the chances of scarring and unwanted pigmentation. Lasers are an effective method for reducing the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, surgical or traumatic scars, eyelid surgeries, endoscopic surgeries, surgical incisions and hair transplants.Caring for the skin before and following a laser treatment is integral to achieving a satisfactory outcome.

At Divine Skin Aesthetics, we specialize in utilizing the best formulas and products to treat skin before and after laser resurfacing to aid in the body healing process and to even expedite recovery. With our pre and post treatments, clients experience a reduction the following symptoms: bruising discoloration, hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin), milia (small, white, cyst like formations), erythema (redness of skin due to dilation of capillaries), itching, dryness and tightness.   

Surgical Skin Care
Pre-surgical skin care helps to improve the healing process and minimize bleeding and bruising. Clients achieve soft, hydrated and clean skin which looks, heals and functions better after surgery. The aestheticians at Divine Skin Aesthetics can provide you with services and treatments to help aid you with your after-care needs.  

For our clients that have dry, dehydrated, textured or acne-ridden skin, Divine Skin Aesthetics offers  smorgasbord of peels and facials to clear the skin prior to its treatment so that it functions more normally. For normal skin, we offer one or two pre-surgical Corrective facials. Clients will also be sent home with skin care products formulated to aptly prepare your skin for surgery.

To keep your skin on track for optimized healing, the post-skin care program is also tantamount. Post surgical facial treatments are normally performed from the 10th to 14th day following most surgeries.  Your doctor will advise you on a specialized timetable for treatment. Most post-care treatments include a gentle exfoliation and a lymphatic drainage massage to accelerate the removal of dead skin cells and minimize swelling and bruising in the most natural way possible. 


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