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Just 2 minutes to Luminous Glowing Skin! Let Yourself Glow! No Downtime! 

Here at Divine Skin Aesthetics Skin Bar, we make it effortless to love your skin. 
Routine skin care helps replenish what harsh elements of everyday life take away.

Why peels are important. Dermatologist will tell you that a monthly professional peel is the most important thing you can do for your skin, other than sun protection. THE PEEL BAR offers exceptional customized chemical peels. We will select the right peel for you! Without downtime - just results for quick fixes to healthier skin.  People typically seek out peels to improve the look of facial skin, though they are also often applied to the hands, neck, and décolleté.

What is GLOW PEEL & FACIAL BAR?   It’s a simple concept really, everyone deserves beautiful skin. We believe clinical quality treatments should be available at a fair price, and convenient enough to fit into the busiest of schedules. All you need is 30 minutes, and you’re glowing.

These light peels require no down time and require a short time to perform, and that will allow you to “Go and Glow!”

These services are a “no frills” procedure, but it can give your skin a wonderful boost between more intensive and / or relaxing treatments that your aesthetician can discuss with you if you desire. Our express services do not include extractions, masks, massage or disrobing unless indicated. If extractions, masks or other add-ons are desired they can be performed at a follow up appointment, or, on occasions when the schedule permits.  Can it get any better? We don’t think so. So, go ahead…


  • Radiance Peel or Enzyme Peel - $50. (30 min) The mildest chemical exfoliation. Instead of acids, fruit enzymes (bromelain and papain) gently exfoliate and help renew your skin. Treatment every 2-4 weeks.
  • Illuminate Peel  -   $50. (30 min) Dry, Dehydrated Arbutin and Kojic acid work with the hydrating properties of lactic acid for a lightening peel. Treatment every 2-4 weeks.
  • Rejuvenate Peel - $50. (30 min)  Anti-aging Skin Peel that breaks down the cellular glue like bonds leaving skin feeling refreshed, smooth.  Treatment every 2-4 weeks.

PEEL BAR     Consultation required for these options.  
These PEEL BAR treatments are advanced 
high-end boosting peels that will help repair and transform your skin and skin conditions. Enjoy radiant, younger-looking skin in about a week with these Peels.

  • Revitalize Peel - $125. (30 min) Repair more extensive damage for wrinkled and acne scarred. Treatments 2-4 weeks. For Most Skin Types.  All treatments may be uniquely customized to the individual needs of your skin.
  • TCA  Peel $125. (30 min)  Melasma, pigmentation discoloration or solar damage and great for fine lines and wrinkles.Treatment every 2 weeks for melasma to 4 weeks.  
  • TCA/Pro-Retinol Peptide Peel  $150. (30 min) Melasma, solar damage and great for wrinkles. Treatment every 3-4 weeks.

The Express Peel is a “no frills” treatment. It is designed for people on the go. No extractions or massage are included in this treatment. Areas like chest, hands, elbows or even knees can be added to this treatment for a nominal charge and a short period of time.

The Express Peel can be a great starting point for a person who have not  been giving their skin the attention it deserves. It can also serve as a wonderful “boost” for people who want multiple treatments to get their skin looking its very best in a hurry. Depending on the condition of the skin and the level of exfoliant used, the patient may or may not experience visible peeling. The chemical exfoliants are releasing dead skin cells and stimulating collagen growth whether or not peeling skin is observed post treatment.
Benefits: Youthful Glowing skin- Even Skin Tone - Smoothes Skin Texture - Prevents Blemishes - Unclogs Pores - Flawless Makeup Application.

Lasers may make lofty claims, yet "they're essentially trying to treat a light- and heat-sensitive condition with light and heat,"  clinical professor of dermatology at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Even when a laser does eviscerate splotches initially, pigment often reappears weeks later, making lasers seem like a major investment for a short-term reprieve.

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At Divine Skin Aesthetics we understand the needs of our clients very well and some of them simply don't have the time for the full spa experience, but still need to make time to achieve healthy skin and correct skin issues like aging, acne and hyperpigmentation. Though, these clinical treatments are quick, we never skimp on quality. Our customized express treatments involve the same top of the line cosmeceutical products used in our standard skin care regimens, but focus directly on the face. Results are apparent after one treatment.  Series of treatments are best to renew and revitalize the skin. We have made skin care more accessible to our clients with a busy lifestyle by streamlining the process to better serve your needs: 

  • Be draped with a cape and a towel around the neck (similar to a hair salon).
  • Skin Analysis.
  • A cleanser designed for your skin type is applied to remove dirt and makeup.
  • Cleanser is removed and a toner for your skin type is applied.
  • Discuss peel treatment recommendations with a certified professional.
  • Finish peel treatment with Oxygen Infusion saturating the skin with antioxidants, peptides, vitamins & nutrients, SPF and Lip Balm.

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